Tips for Selling

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If you are going to obtain the best possible price and encourage an early sale hopefully these selling tips will put you in good stead.

First Impressions count. How we view houses and people are driven very much by our first impressions which take place within the first minute. So make sure you prepare you property to avoid negativity.

The exterior of the property

The property should be in good order any remedial work that needs doing should be done. Remember appearances count, guttering should be cleared, loose tiles put back, all wood work should be in good decorative order, all broken glass and blown double glazing replaced, the condition of the front door is important as that is where the buyer will stand waiting for the door to be opened noticing everything.

The garden should be neat and tidy, free of weeds and lawn freshly cut. Pathways swept and windows cleaned.

The gardens

Everything should be in a neat and tidy order, all toys put away, grass cut and edges and hedges trimmed, borders free from weeds and fences maintained. The tidier it is better the impression.


Make sure you leave a space for the viewer to park. The driveway should be clear of weeds and swept. Poorly maintained vehicles on driveways give a poor image make sure they are removed for the viewing.

Interior decoration

The property should be in as good decorative order as possible, all scuffed paintwork should be touched up. Properties always look better when they are newly decorated and this invariably adds to value. If in doubt choosing a colour for the walls magnolia is safe.

Carpets and floor coverings

If the carpets are worn/stained/ patterned they may be better replaced with a plain carpet. The carpets and floor coverings should be clean.

Presentation of the property for photographs

The property should be clutter free, dog and cat beds, bowls, and toys put away.

Tips for Selling

Peter Illingworth Estate Agents in Kirkbymoorside and Pickering

Peter Illingworth - Tips for selling

The kitchen

Floor and work surfaces want to be cleared away as far as possible and clean. Fridge magnets removed. Flowers on the kitchen table always add to atmosphere of the room.

Reception rooms

If there is a working fireplace/stove it should be lit as this provides a cosy atmosphere.

Bathroom/Shower room / en-suites

All soaps, flannels, toothpastes, toothbrushes etc should be removed. Toilet seat should be placed down.


All beds must be made up free of creases and pillows plumped up, surfaces cleared.

Presentation for viewings

Make sure all clutter is cleared away, clutter indicates immediately that the property lacks storage space. Ensure the property is as light as possible with all curtains pulled back and lamps on to give atmosphere.

Viewing day

Make sure the property smells as fresh as possible and ensure it has a good airing. If the house is vacant make sure if it is a cold day the heating is turned on as a cold house has an unfriendly feel. If the viewing is to be accompanied by the agent then the owners should make themselves scarce, as this can put too much pressure on the buyer and take away their enjoyment. If the owner is conducting the viewing be as helpful as possible answer all questions honestly, however, if a discussion is to take place about price then refer them back to your agent.


Tips for Selling

Peter Illingworth Estate Agents in Kirkbymoorside and Pickering

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