Ryedale Property Market Remains Buoyant

Peter Illingworth, Senior Partner of Peter Illingworth Estate Agents reports, the Ryedale Housing Market continues to be buoyant, set against York house prices, according to the Land Registry House Price Index.  Overall house prices in Ryedale rose by 7.07% set against York’s at 1.69%.  Semi-detached properties were the top performer in the Ryedale Property Index, with an overall rise of 7.58% set against York’s of 1.02%.  The poorest performer in Ryedale belonged to flats with a very commendable 5% with York running at 0%.

In England the overall change was positive with a 3.4% rise. 

Peter Illingworth said that the Ryedale market continues to correct itself against the York market and is providing a continued supply of property to York buyers who cannot afford York prices. Buyers are therefore getting more for their money in Ryedale.  Now also coming onto the radar, are buyers out the area who are looking to re-locate and retire or find a better home for their investments.   Stock continues to be in short supply but there are signs of this beginning to ease.