Property for sale in Kirkbymoorside, Pickering, Helmsley, YO18 , YO17, YO62 or the lack of it!

Peter Illingworth explains the dilemma he now finds many of his potential clients in, “To sell or not to sell”.  The housing market in Kirkbymoorside, Pickering, Helmsley, Malton and much of Ryedale finds itself with probably a thirty year shortage of supply of stock.  Many of the sellers want to move locally whether it be to upsize or downsize, but the move must be right for them with some compromises, but to sell and knowingly to move to a property which is not right will prove to be a costly mistake.


Peter Illingworth may have a partial solution to this problem.  To create a registry of sellers who have provided Peter Illingworth with instructions to sell, but not launch to the market until they have found an appropriate property.  This invisible registry may enable Peter Illingworth to match buyers with sellers even though their properties have not been publicly launched, therefore reducing the fear of selling but having nowhere ideal to go.


If you would like to discuss this idea further and perhaps join us, then call Peter Illingworth for further information on 01751 431107 or