How can I sell my house fast?

“It is all in the preparation” says Peter Illingworth.  If you want to sell fast then speak to us at either Kirkbymoorside or our Pickering branches.  We would urge you to allow us to immediately produce the full sales particulars and prepare the website portals for imminent launch.  This will give you a head start; at the moment you find a property you want to buy we can probably go live to the market that day with your property. In the meantime this also enables us to have your home on the market with ourselves invisibly with a range of other properties, whereby we may be able to match you with a property you want to buy.


If your home has structural issues, it is as well to consider commissioning a survey that a prospective purchaser could rely on, as this could prevent endless fall throughs and a massive waste of time.


There are four key ingredients to a successful sale: a good estate agent with local knowledge and first class negotiating skills, an efficient conveyancer, a straight forward buyer and a straight forward seller.


Ideally before any marketing has commenced the seller will have  instructed their solicitor/conveyancer, to collate the appropriate documentation in order for a contract to be sent out as soon as the sale has been negotiated, otherwise this could be weeks away. The documentation is likely to include: planning consents, building regulations, servicing documentation of appliances as well as the fixture and fittings inventory.  A seller may also consider commissioning the searches rather than leaving them to the purchaser which can save some weeks in time.



The property must be placed on the market and reflect good value amongst other similar competing properties.



Your property must not go unnoticed and should be shown in the best possible light.  Therefore the best presentation of the house and garden is essential.  It should be free of clutter and clean, lawns and hedges cut, gardens and footpaths weeded.  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in brightening a property up. 



The first time a buyer sees a property, it is likely to be from photographic images either seen online, through a mail out, in the agent’s office or in the press.   Kerb appeal is essential in catching a potential buyer’s attention.  The external photographs should be well composed, sharp and taken preferably on a sunny day and in high resolution.   Photographs are a most important element of marketing and should be of the highest quality.  There is generally a long time between agreeing a sale and completion, therefore smart colourful brochures with floorplans are very important; as buyers are generally very pleased with their purchases and want to show off their acquisitions. Poor tatty particulars will not help the advancement of an agreed sale and could serve to undermine the marketability of the property from start to finish.


To create maximum impact, Peter Illingworth would ensure the following:    A sale board is  erected outside the property, all potential registered applicants contacted on the mailing list, full details made available on the appropriate websites, including Rightmove,,  and his own highly modern website, details made available in both of his Ryedale Offices in Kirkbymoorside and Pickering as well as despatched to London at the Mayfair Office.  Peter Illingworth’s team will also contact their hottest prospects by telephone.  The property advertised in the local press as soon as possible.  Interestingly when we have asked prospective buyers where they have seen the property, they would invariably say the Internet, but when further questioned “Did you see it in the local press?”,  we are told “Of course we did, that’s why we went to the Internet”.


Viewings will then begin, of which offers will then hopefully soon follow.  This is where Peter Illingworth’s team show their true skill, value and expertise, they really do earn their fees in the negotiation, in what can be a difficult and fraught time, particularly with dealing with chains.   Buying, selling and can be as stressful divorce, marriages and deaths, this is a time when interested parties can get too closely involved and cannot see the wood for the trees.  The agent’s job is to negotiate the best deal on behalf of his client and therefore both parties need to be kept apart while a deal is struck.  This should assist in avoiding any misunderstandings that may resurface further down the line and finally keeping on top of sales progression which can prove to be very turbulent until contracts have been duly signed. 


All too often there are estate agents who put sold subject to contract notices on their boards as soon as a sale is agreed, very good for the estate agents business, not so good for the seller, their client.  As soon as this happens that will be the likely end of the enquiries for the property at probably a peak time of marketability. We advise prospective purchasers when they make an enquiry for the property that it is under offer, we should take their details in the event the purchaser pulls out for whatever reason.   In the event of a fall though this enables us immediately to contact interested parties and show the property to them, rather than have absolutely no one to turn to.  Peter Illingworth Estate Agents has been established in Ryedale for the last 27 years and Peter can only remember one case of gazumping with any of his properties they have sold.


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