“What peculiar times we live in,” says Peter Illingworth a long established Ryedale Estate Agent with national and international coverage through the Mayfair Group. 


The word COMMISSION has been made to look a dirty word to the property seller.


Commission has a very different meaning to fees.  COMMISSION means that on SUCCESS of a house sale, the agent will be paid.  Whereas FEES may have to be paid even if a house sale does not take place.  Fees may even be paid up front with no promise of success! 


Commission for clients of Peter Illingworth means – No sale, means no commission, not upfront fees, Peter Illingworth left with all service overheads if not successful, with the exception of bespoke advertising. 

Result: a highly motivated Peter Illingworth searching for buyers wherever they may be. 


Upfront charges and fees means for the seller – The only requirement for the agent is to convince the seller of their offering at the start of the business relationship with no guarantee of success.   This means giving the seller the feelings they want at the start of the process, it does not matter to the agent if it is overpriced as long as the business is won and bingo the monies in the bank and so is probably the 5 star review. 


Peter Illingworth commented “Often if it looks too good to be true it often is, don’t gamble with probably your most valuable asset, wherever you maybe instruct the best estate agent at the outset and you will be well on the way with getting the best price and the greatest walk away figure.  This applies also to negotiating the purchase, don’t do it alone appoint the best agent you can find to act on your behalf.”