Did You Know?

If you have the house you are hoping to buy surveyed before making an offer you are more likely to buy it at a better price.


Why? Because the offer you are making demonstrates you are serious and already financially invested which should focus the mind of the seller and is surely to be better received by the agent dealing with the sale; especially if competing against another buyer whose offer is subject to survey. With the knowledge that you are over this major hurdle and that you are taking professional advice, this will give the seller the comfort of the seriousness of your intentions.


If you make an offer prior to survey and then reduce it, you are sure to disappoint the seller and this could lead to the seller having to renege on the offer they may have made on their proposed purchase due to affordability, this can create a great deal of unnecessary angst and also put you on a very poor footing in re-negotiating the sale price. You will have likely succeeded in infuriating and stressing out the seller. If you had taken advice in the first instance, this horror story would not have developed as you would offer on the basis of the advice. The seller is now also less likely to be favourable to leaving fixtures, fittings, carpets, curtains, useful household items that they may have previously been willing to include and perhaps not keep the gardens as well tended as you would have liked post exchange of contract.


At Peter Illingworth we offer both a survey and negotiation service to buyers who are not connected to any of our sales.  Buying and selling should be similar to preparing for an exam, do the preparation first to achieve optimum results.  Call us on 01751 431107 for more information.