The Art of Negotiation 6

Peter Illingworth of Peter Illingworth Estate Agents highlights two important principles in property negotiation. Some people are good at negotiating. Some people, it turns out, aren't. Some people hold all the cards and know it. Some people hold weak hands and don't know it. So...

Who'd Be An Estate Agent?

Peter Illingworth of Peter Illingworth Estate Agents explains what being an estate agent really means. Some people think our job is easy. They think that property just sells itself. That a buyer appears from nowhere, loves a house or flat and agrees to buy it - just like that...

Youth photographic competition

Do you know any budding young local photographers, then perhaps you may like to give them some encouragement to enter.  Click for more info

Avoiding the Feeble

Peter Illingworth of Peter Illingworth finds that there is not only life in the property market this spring, but also some wonderful opportunities. Some of us remember the last time the property market had few cash buyers, not many buy-to-let investors and relatively few second...

Reading the Market

Peter Illingworth of Peter Illingworth Estate Agents reflects on a property market affected by Brexit and uncertainty, but showing some clear signs of resilience. It has been a trying two years since the Brexit referendum. No market likes uncertainty, and the property market is...

Love Is All You Need

Peter Illingworth of Peter Illingworth Estate Agents takes a romantic look at the property market this February. We've reached February, the month of snow and romance. Most of us are looking for something in February - a dozen roses under a hundred pounds, warm clothes, the...

Ryedale Housing Market Update – Winter 2019

Peter Illingworth, senior partner of Peter Illingworth Estate Agents, has excellent news for those property owners who are hoping to sell.  He reports high demand from buyers but extremely low levels of housing stock for sale. The reason for these low levels is partly...

To Brexit and Beyond

Peter Illingworth of Peter Illingworth Estate agents ponders the property market in Brexit year, 2019, and explains some home truths amongst many unknowns. There was a time before 1973, the year of the UK's first big property boom, when houses and flats were seen as investments...

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