Annual price increase 7.87% making Ryedale a Property Hotspot


Peter Illingworth Ryedale Estate agent has carried some research through The Property House Price Index provided by the Land Registry and he has uncovered Ryedale as a hotspot with house prices having an annual increase from November 2016 to November 2017 of 7.87%.  Within the Ryedale breakdown, detached houses have risen by 8.33%, semi-detached by 8.17% and terraced houses by 6.9%.  Ryedale is located within the Yorkshire and Humberside region with an overall increase of 5.56%.  The hottest region is The North West with a 7.27% increase.  Set against the lowest performing region of London at 2.5%.


On a national note Peter Illingworth has discovered that the annual performance results were as follows:

  1. England 5.67%
  2. Wales 5.3%
  3. Scotland 3.12%
  4. Northern Ireland 2.99%